OMG! Twin Town you lit up our garden party!!! Our neighbours will never be the same again!

Francesca Malini - July 2018

Booking & Contract FAQ's

1. Do I need to provide accommodation for the band?

 This is only required for long distance journeys of 2.5hrs or more from Leeds where the band are based. In most instances, the accommodation costs are included in the bands fee and organised by them unless agreed differently between the client and Twin Town.

2. Do the band provide music in between sets?

Twin Town provide a 'virtual DJ' (laptop Disco service) which is included in the price up until midnight. If the client prefers to use a playlist of their own (which would still run through our sound equipment) then we are happy to accommodate. If you would prefer a DJ then this can be provided at an additional cost.

3. How likely is the band line up to change on the night?

One of the biggest strengths of Twin Town is the commitment shown by our musicians and the rapport we have on stage. On occasion, when our most regular band members are unavailable due to other musical commitments, another regular player will be drafted in to replace someone for the event. All musicians are fully prepped and rehearsed to the standard you would expect and help to ensure your event is one to remember.

4. What does it mean when the contract states that the band are to be provided with food and drink?

Twin Town work long hours and drive long distances to travel to gigs, often not getting home until the early hours, long after the party has ended and the guests have all gone to bed! In light of this, it would be appreciated if the band were provided with a suitable meal after set up/sound check and before the main evening performance. This may be in the form of food vouchers, a buyout from the venue (at the expense of the client) or most typically for the band to receive the same main evening food that the guests are receiving. Soft drinks, teas and coffees are also appreciated. Please indicate which of the above food options the band will be provided with prior to the event and make sure either the venue staff or a suitable person (e.g. wedding planner/caterer) are aware of this.

5. Do you require a changing room?

Most venues we play in tend to have a conference room or spare area that is perfect for the band to safely store personal belongings and to get changed in. Anything like this is great with us! Please ensure that the room is heated, has access to electrical sockets and mirrors also. Please bear in mind that toilets, sheds, tents or outdoor places aren't suitable changing areas. We realise that it isn't always possible to accommodate these requests so please liaise with us in advance of the event date.

6. How negotiable is the size of the stage / performance area? A min of 6m x 4.5m stage space is stated, but in reality we can be flexible on this. Please bear in mind though, the more space we have the better the performance and more comfortable we feel. Standing on each other's toes isn't an ideal situation!

7. Do you provide staging?

Twin Town do not provide staging. This is the responsibility of the venue, but in all honesty it isn't always needed unless the client specifically wants it. We are fine setting up on the floor. If the venue doesn't have staging and this is something you desire, we may be able to recommend companies who can help.

8. What are your performance times and how long do you play for?

Our standard set lengths are 2 x 50 minutes. If you desire something a little different then we are certainly open to discussion. If you require extra music at any point throughout your event, this is most definitely possible for an additional fee discussed prior to booking. Our 2 x 50 minute sets can be performed at any time between 8.30pm and midnight. We will always liaise with you, the client to ensure that Twin Town play at the times you desire. We understand that events don't always run exactly to schedule and are flexible if our set times are moved around a little. If you require music beyond midnight, this is no problem and can be arranged for an additional fee

9. How long do you need to setup?

We require a minimum of 60 minutes to ensure that all our equipment is loaded in safely and everything is set up perfectly for your event. We will not perform until we have completed a soundcheck. This ensures you receive a wholly professional service from start to finish.

10. Can we choose the set list?

Twin Town believe it is crucial to understand both you and your guests musical tastes, and are extremely experienced in reading the dance floor, meaning song choice and set list order can change on the night in order to make your event personal to you and your guests. For this reason, we will never send out a finalised set list but you be can rest assured that your enjoyment is at the centre of everything we do. A specimen set list can be presented if required so you can see the variation of genres the band will be performing.

11. Can Twin Town perform our first dance?

Yes! The band are happy to perform your first dance, but please make sure that whatever it is suits the instrumentation and line up of the band. We require at least 4 weeks’ notice to perform your first dance or are happy to play this via our 'virtual DJ' laptop.

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